CHKNTFS volume [...]


CHKNTFS /T[:time]\r\nCHKNTFS /X volume [...]

CHKNTFS /C volume [...]


  volume:        指定驱动器(后面跟一个冒号)、装入点或卷名。

  /D             将计算机恢复成默认状态, 启动时检查所有驱动器,并对有问题的驱动器执行 chkdsk 命令。

  /T:time        AUTOCHK 初始递减计数时间改成指定的时间量,单位为秒数。如果没有指定时间,则显示当前设置。

  /X             排除启动时不作检查的驱动器。上次执行此命令排除的驱动器此时无效。

  /C             安排启动时检查驱动器,如果驱动器有问题,运行 chkdsk


如果没有指定命令行开关,CHKNTFS 会显示每一驱动器有问题的位的状态。


Displays or modifies the checking of disk at boot time.


CHKNTFS volume [...]


CHKNTFS /T[:time]

CHKNTFS /X volume [...]

CHKNTFS /C volume [...]


  volume         Specifies the drive letter (followed by a colon), mount point, or volume name.

  /D             Restores the machine to the default behavior; all drives are checked at boot time and chkdsk is run on those that are dirty.

  /T:time        Changes the AUTOCHK initiation countdown time to the specified amount of time in seconds.  If time is not specified, displays the current setting.

  /X             Excludes a drive from the default boot-time check.  Excluded drives are not accumulated between command invocations.

  /C             Schedules a drive to be checked at boot time; chkdsk will run if the drive is dirty.


If no switches are specified, CHKNTFS will display if the specified drive is dirty or scheduled to be checked on next reboot.