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A.1 Getting Help from Dreamweaver

There's plenty of assistance built right into the program, from beginner tutorials to a complete browser-based help system. You can also access Dreamweaver's electronic help system and online support center from the Help menu.

A.1.1 Getting Started

If you're brand new to Dreamweaver, see the Getting Started and Tutorials help materials and follow the several step-by-step tutorials that cover specific Web-creation tasks. These range from setting up a Web site to using Dreamweaver's dynamic page building tools. You'll find them fairly basic (this book's tutorials cover most of the same ground more thoroughly), but you can never have too much practice. You'll find this under HelpGetting Started and Tutorials.

A.1.2 Detailed Assistance

For detailed information on specific features of the program, turn to the Using Dreamweaver reference. This electronic help system includes information on all features of the program, although its coverage, alas, can be spotty and lacking in detail. Choose HelpUsing Dreamweaver or press F1 to open this help system.

If you're interested in writing your own Web code, Dreamweaver's Reference window (select HelpReference or WindowReference, or press Shift-F1) provides in-depth information on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, JSP, ColdFusion, and Web accessibility.

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