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A.3 Help from the Real World

If Macromedia doesn't have the answer, there's probably a Web site somewhere that does. In fact, you're likely to find more honest critiques of the program at some of these sites. Here are a few of the best non-Macromedia sites for answers.

A.3.1 DMX Zone

The DMX Zone includes tutorials, extensions, and Macromedia-related news. It also offers "Premium Content," a subscription-based service that provides more in-depth information on Dreamweaver.

A.3.2 Community MX

Another subscription service (it's so hard to find free help these days). This site has lots of material for all things MX, including Flash and other Macromedia programs. It does have some free content as well, and it's updated regularly.

A.3.3 Dreamweaver FAQ and Resource Site

The Dreamweaver FAQ and Resource Site is a compendium of fabulously useful links to Dreamweaver tutorials and information. It's the best place to start for answers to most routine questions about Dreamweaver.

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