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9.6 Targeting Links

Normally, when you click a link, the Web browser replaces the current page with a new Web page, so that the entire browser window changes. But a browser treats each frame as an independent window, which offers some interesting and unique possibilities for linking. Clicking a link on a page merely replaces the contents of that frame, leaving the other frames in place.

Using the Target property of a link, you can choose, or target, which frame you wish the linked Web page to load in. This option is extremely handy when you use one frame as a navigation bar whose links load pages into other frames.

To make a link open in a different frame, create the link as described in Section 4.2, making sure that the link is highlighted. Then, in the Property inspector, choose the name of the frame where you'll want the page to appear, using the pop-up menu next to the Target field.

When you click the link on the finished Web page, the source Web page opens into the frame you just chose.

Dreamweaver's Go To URL behavior lets you have a single link target multiple frames at once. Imagine loading four different Web pages with a single click! See Chapter 12 for more information on this powerful feature.

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