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About the Creative Team

David Pogue (editor) is the weekly computer columnist for the New York Times and the creator of the Missing Manual series. He's the author or co-author of 35 books, including nine in this series and six in the "For Dummies" line (including Magic, Opera, Classical Music, and The Flat-Screen iMac). In his other life, David is a former Broadway show conductor, a magician, and a pianist ( ).

He welcomes feedback about Missing Manual titles by email: david@pogueman. com .

Nan Barber (co-editor, copy editor) co-authored Office X for the Macintosh: The Missing Manual and Office 2001 for Macintosh: The Missing Manual. As the principal copy editor for this series, she has edited the titles on iPhoto, Mac OS X, AppleWorks 6, iMovie, iPod & iTunes, and Windows XP. Email: .

Rose Cassano (cover illustration) has worked as an independent designer and illustrator for twenty years. Assignments have ranged from the nonprofit sector to corporate clientele. She lives in beautiful Southern Oregon, grateful for the miracles of modern technology that make living and working there a reality. Email: cassano@ . Web: .

Phil Simpson (design and layout) works out of his office in Stamford, Connecticut, where he has had his graphic design business since 1982. He is experienced in many facets of graphic design, including corporate identity, publication design, and corporate and medical communications. Email: .

Murray Summers (technical editor), is a biochemist by training, but has spent the last 20 years working in the computer industry. In 1998, Murray started his own Web site production company, Great Web Sights. As a Macromedia Evangelist, he also participates in the sponsored newsgroups for Dreamweaver and other products. He lives in rural Philadelphia with his wife Suzanne, their 11-year-old daughter Carly, a Golden Retriever, an Eski-poo, and a goldfish.

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