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Project 3. Styling a Financial Report

The genius of capitalism consists precisely in its lack of morality. Unless he is rich enough to hire his own choir, a capitalist is a fellow who, by definition, can ill afford to believe in anything other than the doctrine of the bottom line.

?span class="docEmphBoldItalic">LEWIS H. LAPHAM

Although we're used to thinking of the Web as a collection of personal sites, e-commerce powerhouses, fringe groups, and nuggets of information, there's a lot more going on梐lbeit not all in the public eye. Corporate intranets, for example, are often awash in HTML-based information ranging from employee portals to Webmail interfaces and beyond.

Although an entire book could be devoted to exploring how just a sampling of this information could be styled, it will be sufficient here to examine one type of information that tends to be particular to corporate sites: a financial report showing profit and loss in a number of markets in a given quarter. We won't be seeking to replace the table markup with divs and CSS梩hat would be silly. Since we have a table of data, it will be contained in table markup. What we'll do is add useful hooks to the structure and use those to style the table and its contents.

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