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Project Goals

This project is all about taking the entries in a weblog and making them look good. While we're at it, we need to make sure the entries relate to each other visually. This leads us to the following general goals:

  • Visually speaking, make each entry seem distinct and self-contained. That doesn't mean drawing a box around each one梬e just have to be sure it's obvious where one entry ends and another begins.

  • Try to make the entry title and date come together in some sense so that they appear to be closely related.

  • Take any extra information and reduce its visual emphasis so that it doesn't compete with the main entry text, but don't make the information completely disappear either.

Furthermore, we're going to use a natural theme for the design, all green and woodsy. That doesn't come from the preceding points; it's just a design decision we're making from the outset.

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