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Project 9. Designing a Home Page

Good design keeps the user happy, the manufacturer in the black, and the aesthete unoffended.

?span class="docEmphBoldItalic">RAYMOND LOEWY

Styling a weblog, as in the preceding project, can be a challenge, but weblog style in itself isn't enough. Any weblog entries are likely to appear in the context of a site design, and the two need to go together. After all, it would look odd to have a leafy, natural theme for the weblog and a bunch of neon, J-pop decorations for the rest of the site's design. It would be even stranger to have both on the same page.

Since we already have a weblog design, let's actually work outward and create a site design that is consistent with the weblog styles, instead of going the other way around. This will let us build on the work we've already done while providing an example of how the various components of a page can fit together.

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