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2.5 Exercises

  1. Find the errors in this PHP program:

    <? php
    print 'How are you?';
    print 'I'm fine.';

  2. Write a PHP program that computes the total cost of this restaurant meal: two hamburgers at $4.95 each, one chocolate milk shake at $1.95, and one cola at 85 cents. The sales tax rate is 7.5%, and you left a pre-tax tip of 16%.

  3. Modify your solution to the previous exercise to print out a formatted bill. For each item in the meal, print the price, quantity, and total cost. Print the pre-tax food and drink total, the post-tax total, and the total with tax and tip. Make sure that prices in your output are vertically aligned.

  4. Write a PHP program that sets the variable $first_name to your first name and $last_name to your last name. Print out a string containing your first and last name separated by a space. Also print out the length of that string.

  5. Write a PHP program that uses the increment operator (++) and the combined multiplication operator (*=) to print out the numbers from 1 to 5 and powers of 2 from 2 (2^1) to 32 (2^5).

  6. Add comments to the PHP programs you've written for the other exercises. Try both single and multiline comments. After you've added the comments, run the programs to make sure they work properly and your comment syntax is correct.

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