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6.7 Chapter Summary

Chapter 6 covers:

  • Understanding the conversation between the web browser and web server that displays a form, processes the submitted form parameters, and then displays a result.

  • Making the connection between the <form> tag's action attribute and the URL to which form parameters are submitted.

  • Using values from the $_SERVER auto-global array.

  • Accessing submitted form parameters in the $_GET and $_POST auto-global arrays.

  • Accessing multivalued submitted form parameters.

  • Using show_form( ), validate_form( ), and process_form( ) functions to modularize form handling.

  • Using a hidden form element to check whether a form has been submitted.

  • Displaying error messages with a form.

  • Validating form elements: required elements, integers, floating-point numbers, strings, date ranges, email addresses, and <select> menus.

  • Defanging or removing submitted HTML and JavaScript before displaying it.

  • Displaying default values for form elements.

  • Using helper functions to display form elements.

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