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7.13 Chapter Summary

Chapter 7 covers:

  • Figuring out what kinds of information belong in a database.

  • Understanding how data is organized in a database.

  • Loading an external file with require.

  • Establishing a database connection.

  • Creating a table in the database.

  • Removing a table from the database.

  • Using the SQL INSERT command.

  • Inserting data into the database with query( ).

  • Checking for database errors with DB::isError( ).

  • Setting up automatic error handling with setErrorHandling( ).

  • Using the SQL UPDATE and DELETE commands.

  • Changing or deleting data with query( ).

  • Counting the number of rows affected by a query.

  • Using placeholders to insert data safely.

  • Generating unique ID values with sequences.

  • Using the SQL SELECT command.

  • Retrieving data from the database with query( ) and fetchRow( ).

  • Counting the number of rows retrieved by query( ).

  • Retrieving data with getAll( ), getRow( ), and getOne( ).

  • Using the SQL ORDER BY and LIMIT keywords with SELECT.

  • Retrieving rows as string-keyed arrays or objects.

  • Using the SQL wildcards with LIKE: % and _.

  • Escaping SQL wildcards in SELECT statements.

  • Saving submitted form parameters in the database.

  • Using data from the database in form elements.

  • Using the mysqli functions instead of PEAR DB.

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