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This book is the end result of the hard work of many people. Thank you to:

  • The many programmers, testers, documentation writers, bug fixers, and other folks whose time, talent, and devotion have made PHP the first-class development platform that it is today. Without them, I'd have nothing to write about.

  • The Apple WWPM Hardware Placement Lab for the loan of an iBook, and to Adam Trachtenberg, George Schlossnagle, and Jeremy Zawodny for advice on some code examples.

  • My diligent reviewers: Griffin Cherry, Florence Leroy, Mark Oglia, and Stewart Ugelow. They caught plenty of mistakes, turned confusing explanations into clear ones, and otherwise made this book far better than it would have been without them.

  • Robert Romano, who turned my blocky diagrams and rustic pencil sketches into high-quality figures and illustrations.

  • Tatiana Diaz, who funneled all of my random questions to the right people, kept me on schedule, and ultimately made sure that whatever needed to get done, was done.

  • Nat Torkington, whose editorial guidance and helpful suggestions improved every part of the book. Without Nat's feedback, this book would be twice as long and half as readable as it is.

For a better fate than wisdom, thank you also to Susannah, with whom I enjoy ignoring the syntax of things.

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