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B.1. Chapter 2, Code Layout

  • Brace and parenthesize in K&R style. [Bracketing]

  • Separate your control keywords from the following opening bracket. [Keywords]

  • Don't separate subroutine or variable names from the following opening bracket. [Subroutines and Variables]

  • Don't use unnecessary parentheses for builtins and "honorary" builtins. [Builtins]

  • Separate complex keys or indices from their surrounding brackets. [Keys and Indices]

  • Use whitespace to help binary operators stand out from their operands. [Operators]

  • Place a semicolon after every statement. [Semicolons]

  • Place a comma after every value in a multiline list. [Commas]

  • Use 78-column lines. [Line Lengths]

  • Use four-column indentation levels. [Indentation]

  • Indent with spaces, not tabs. [Tabs]

  • Never place two statements on the same line. [Blocks]

  • Code in paragraphs. [Chunking]

  • Don't cuddle an else. [Elses]

  • Align corresponding items vertically. [Vertical Alignment]

  • Break long expressions before an operator. [Breaking Long Lines]

  • Factor out long expressions in the middle of statements. [Non-Terminal Expressions]

  • Always break a long expression at the operator of the lowest possible precedence. [Breaking by Precedence]

  • Break long assignments before the assignment operator. [Assignments]

  • Format cascaded ternary operators in columns. [Ternaries]

  • Parenthesize long lists. [Lists]

  • Enforce your chosen layout style mechanically. [Automated Layout]

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