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B.12. Chapter 13, Error Handling

  • Throw exceptions instead of returning special values or setting flags. [Exceptions]

  • Make failed builtins throw exceptions too. [Builtin Failures]

  • Make failures fatal in all contexts. [Contextual Failure]

  • Be careful when testing for failure of the system builtin. [Systemic Failure]

  • Throw exceptions on all failures, including recoverable ones. [Recoverable Failure]

  • Have exceptions report from the caller's location, not from the place where they were thrown. [Reporting Failure]

  • Compose error messages in the recipient's dialect. [Error Messages]

  • Document every error message in the recipient's dialect. [Documenting Errors]

  • Use exception objects whenever failure data needs to be conveyed to a handler. [OO Exceptions]

  • Use exception objects when error messages may change. [Volatile Error Messages]

  • Use exception objects when two or more exceptions are related. [Exception Hierarchies]

  • Catch exception objects in most-derived-first order. [Processing Exceptions]

  • Build exception classes automatically. [Exception Classes]

  • Unpack the exception variable in extended exception handlers. [Unpacking Exceptions]

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