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B.15. Chapter 16, Class Hierarchies

  • Don't manipulate the list of base classes directly. [Inheritance]

  • Use distributed encapsulated objects. [Objects]

  • Never use the one-argument form of bless. [Blessing Objects]

  • Pass constructor arguments as labeled values, using a hash reference. [Constructor Arguments]

  • Distinguish arguments for base classes by class name as well. [Base Class Initialization]

  • Separate your construction, initialization, and destruction processes. [Construction and Destruction]

  • Build the standard class infrastructure automatically. [Automating Class Hierarchies]

  • Use Class::Std to automate the deallocation of attribute data. [Attribute Demolition]

  • Have attributes initialized and verified automatically. [Attribute Building]

  • Specify coercions as :STRINGIFY, :NUMERIFY, and :BOOLIFY methods. [Coercions]

  • Use :CUMULATIVE methods instead of SUPER:: calls. [Cumulative Methods]

  • Don't use AUTOLOAD( ). [Autoloading]

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