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B.18. Chapter 19, Miscellanea

  • Use a revision control system. [Revision Control]

  • Integrate non-Perl code into your applications via the Inline:: modules. [Other Languages]

  • Keep your configuration language uncomplicated. [Configuration Files]

  • Don't use formats. [Formats]

  • Don't tie variables or filehandles. [Ties]

  • Don't be clever. [Cleverness]

  • If you must rely on cleverness, encapsulate it. [Encapsulated Cleverness]

  • Don't optimize codebenchmark it. [Benchmarking]

  • Don't optimize data structuresmeasure them. [Memory]

  • Look for opportunities to use caches. [Caching]

  • Automate your subroutine caching. [Memoization]

  • Benchmark any caching strategy you use. [Caching for Optimization]

  • Don't optimize applicationsprofile them. [Profiling]

  • Be careful to preserve semantics when refactoring syntax. [Enbugging]

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