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B.4. Chapter 5, Variables

  • Avoid using non-lexical variables. [Lexical Variables]

  • Don't use package variables in your own development. [Package Variables]

  • If you're forced to modify a package variable, localize it. [Localization]

  • Initialize any variable you localize. [Initialization]

  • use English for the less familiar punctuation variables. [Punctuation Variables]

  • If you're forced to modify a punctuation variable, localize it. [Localizing Punctuation Variables]

  • Don't use the regex match variables. [Match Variables]

  • Beware of any modification via $_. [Dollar-Underscore]

  • Use negative indices when counting from the end of an array. [Array Indices]

  • Take advantage of hash and array slicing. [Slicing]

  • Use a tabular layout for slices. [Slice Layout]

  • Factor large key or index lists out of their slices. [Slice Factoring]

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