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C.2. vile

vile is another major successor to vi. For more information about vile, including source code and various precompiled distributions, see The following commands might make useful additions to your .vilerc file:

;Preserve current indent on new lines
set autoindent
;Wrap at the 78th column
set fillcol=78 set wrapwords
; Use 4-space indents, not tabs
set tabspace=4 set shiftwidth=4 set noti
;Allow % to bounce between angles too
set fence-pairs="( )[]{}<>"
;Inserting these abbreviations inserts the corresponding Perl statement...
abb phbp #! /usr/bin/perl -w abb pdbg use Data::Dumper 'Dumper';^Mwarn Dumper [];^[hi abb pbmk use Benchmark qw( cmpthese );^Mcmpthese -10, {};^[O abb pusc use Smart::Comments;^M^M### abb putm use Test::More qw( no_plan ); abb papp ^[:r ~/.code_templates/^M abb pmod ^[:r ~/.code_templates/^M

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