Content Linking List File

The Content Linking List file contains one line of text for each URL in the list. Each line ends in a carriage return and each item on a line is separated by a TAB character.


Web-page-URL [ text-description [ comment]] 


The virtual or relative URL of the Web page in the format filename or directory\filename. Absolute URLs, those that start with "http:", "//", or "\\", are not supported and will not be processed by methods such as GetNextURL and GetListIndex. When building your content path, you should ensure that no collisions or infinite loops can occur.
A value containing text that describes Web-page-URL.
Explanatory text that is not processed by the component.


The following text file creates a list of URLs that can be used by the Content Linking component.

story1.htm Highlights From the Hockey Playoffs
story2.htm Congress Passes New Welfare Initiative
story3.htm Cider Recipes to Warm Long Winter Nights
story4.htm Winter Storm to bring more snow to East 
story5.htm Reducing Stress on the Job
main.htm Return to the table of contents