You can use the @CODEPAGE directive to set the code page to be used for the .asp file. A code page is a character set, which can include numbers, punctuation marks, and other glyphs. Different languages and locales may use different code pages. For example, ANSI code page 1252 is used for American English and most European languages; OEM code page 932 is used for Japanese Kanji.

A code page can be represented in a table as a mapping of characters to single-byte values or multibyte values. Many code pages share the ASCII character set for characters in the range 0x00?x7F.

You can override the code page that has been set by the @CODEPAGE directive with the Session.CodePage property. Doing so, however, only applies to script running within the scope of the session.


<%@ CODEPAGE=codepage%>


An unsigned integer that represents a valid code page for the system that is running the ASP scripting engine.

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