The ExpiresAbsolute property specifies the date and time at which a page cached on a browser expires. If the user returns to the same page before that date and time, the cached version is displayed. If a time is not specified, the page expires at midnight of that day. If a date is not specified, the page expires at the given time on the day that the script is run.


Response.ExpiresAbsolute [= [date] [time]]


Specifies the date on which the page will expire. The value sent in the expires header conforms to the RFC-1123 date format.
Specifies the time at which the page will expire. This value is converted to GMT before an Expires header is sent.


If this property is set more than once on a page, the earliest expiration date or time is used.


The following example specifies that the page will expire 15 seconds after 1:30 pm on May 31, 1996.

<% Response.ExpiresAbsolute=#May 31,1996 13:30:15# %> 

Applies To

Response Object

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