The ScriptTimeout property specifies the maximum amount of time a script can run before it is terminated.

The timeout will not take effect while a server component is processing.


Server.ScriptTimeout = NumSeconds


Specifies the maximum number of seconds that a script can run before the server terminates it. The default value is 90 seconds.


A default ScriptTimeout can be set for a Web Service or Web Server by using the AspScriptTimeout property in the metabase. The ScriptTimeout property cannot be set to a value less than that specified in the metabase. For example, if NumSeconds is set to 10, and the metabase setting contains the default value of 90 seconds, scripts will time out after 90 seconds. However, if NumSeconds were set to 100, the scripts would time out after 100 seconds.

For more information about using the metabase, see About the Metabase


The following example causes scripts to time out if the server takes longer than 100 seconds to process them.

<% Server.ScriptTimeout = 100 %>

The following example retrieves the current value of the ScriptTimeout property and stores it in the variable TimeOut.

<% TimeOut = Server.ScriptTimeout %>

Applies To

Server Object

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