Assistant 属性


使用 Assistant 属性可以返回对 Assistant 对象的引用。Assistant 对象,只读。


expression   必需。返回“Applies To”列表中的一个对象的表达式。


以下示例使用 Application 对象的 Assistant 属性来操纵 Assistant 对象的各种属性和方法。

Public Sub AnimateAssistant()

    Dim blnState As Boolean

    With Assistant
        ' Save Assistant's visible state.
        blnState = .Visible

        ' Make Assistant visible.
        If blnState = False Then .Visible = True

        ' Animate Assistant.
        .Animation = msoAnimationAppear

        ' Display Assistant object's Item and FileName properties.
        MsgBox "Hello, my name is " & .Item & ". I live in " & _
                 .FileName, , "Assistant Information:"

        ' Return Assistant's visible state to original setting.
        .Visible = blnState
    End With
End Sub