PortSight Secure Access Documentation

Full Version Registration


If you want to purchase a full license of the PortSight Secure Access component, please visit www.PortSight.com/Buy. After purchasing you will receive the license code by e-mail.

You need to enter your license code into your applications and to the Secure Access Web-based user interface. The first option is using the Secure Access Catalog Manager: Launch the Catalog Manager (from the Start menu) and choose "Help" -> "Register Product" in the main menu.


License key registration


License key registration


Enter your license code and click "OK". The code will be automatically saved into the Web.config files of all registered Secure Access Web-based user interfaces.


The second option is manual registration: Open the Web.config file of your application in Visual Studio.NET or in Notepad and enter the license key in the following key under the /configuration/appSettings section:


	<add key="SecureAccessLicenseKey" value="SA1E-0001-ASDF-GHIJ" />


    Important Note

If you already use the ARDataServices.DLL or ARObjects.DLL library in your application, you need to add the "SecureAccessLicenseKey" key to the Web.config (or YourApp.exe.config) file of your application.