PortSight Secure Access Documentation

KB-SA-0001-Registering the full version



January 8, 2004


Applies to:

Secure Access 1.1

Secure Access 2.0 Standard Edition

Secure Access 2.0 Enterprise Edition


Summary: This article describes how to register your full version of PortSight Secure Access




  1. Obtain a valid full version license code. You can get this code by purchasing the full version license at http://www.PortSight.com/Buy .
  2. Start Secure Access Catalog Manager (Start Menu -> Programs -> PortSight Secure Access -> Secure Access Catalog Manager).
  3. Choose Help -> Register Product. Enter your license code and click OK. The Catalog Manager will automatically update web.config files of all your Secure Access administration applications registered in the Catalog Manager.
  4. Add the following key to the configuration files (app.config's or web.config's) of all your applications under the /configuration/appSettings section:

    	<add key="SecureAccessLicenseKey" value="SA1E-0001-ASDF-GHIJ" />

  5. Close the Catalog Manager and launch it again.
  6. Open Start -> Controls Panels -> Administrative Tools -> Services. Find the PortSight Secure Access Synchronization service and restart it.