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KB-SA-0013-Getting exception:The evaluation version is limited to 5 users.



September 1, 2004


Applies to:

Secure Access 2.1 and any later version



I'm writing a windows service that will synch our HR database/ and Active directory with secure access, I'm able to implement all the required org units, but whenever I try to insert a new user I get an exception "The evaluation version is limited to 5 users.", this is obviously a license problem but I have a full license installed and I have several webinterfaces running on my machine that allow me to add more than 5 users!

Do I have to do anything alse to get this working?


The business layer (Secure Access API) requires the license key to be specified in the .config file, so just add the following section

    <add key="SecureAccessLicenseKey" value="SA2E-0000-0000-0000-0000" />

to the .config file of your servis.