PortSight Secure Access Documentation

KB-SA-0017-Catalog manager crashes during creating new catalog



September 1, 2004


Applies to:

Secure Access 2.1 and any later version



I am evaluating the PortSight SecureAccess product, I have downloaded and installed it correctly. However whenever I try to create that catelog after the Step 5 ( after entering the db userid/pwd ) system crashes.



Please check the following:

  1. Version of your SQL Server and latest security pack. Secure Access is designed for SQL 2000 with SP3 and MSDE 2000 only, so please try one of them.
  2. SQL Server is configured for the 凪ixed authentication mode?- see KB-SA-0007 for details.
  3. Version of MDAC on computer where you have Secure Access installed. Required version id 2.8. 3.