PortSight Secure Access Documentation

Secure Your Web Services


This chapter explains how to secure your own Web Services using PortSight Secure Access and Microsoft Web Services Enhancements. This topic is different to using ARWebService: ARWebService is a specific Web Service that provides Secure Access methods to your WinForms applications while this chapter explains how you can user PortSight Secure Access API libraries to secure your own Web Services.


Why You Should Use PortSight Secure Access in Your Web Services


Here are some benefits PortSight Secure Access offers:

  1. It stores all user information, passwords and settings in one database. So, the user can use your WebForms, WinForms and Web Services applications with one user name and password.
  2. It allows you to restrict access to your Web Service only to authenticated and authorized users with high granularity of access rights - e.g. you can restrict calling a particular method.
  3. It allows you to log access to your Web Service and use the auditing log for billing Web Service usage. If you provide paid content through your Web Service, this is the way how to restrict access to the Web Service as well as how to charge users.

Securing Your Web Services Using Secure Access and Microsoft WSE chapter describes step-by-step how to use PortSight Secure Access and Microsoft WSE to secure your Web Service.