PortSight Secure Access Documentation

Management of Owners


Owner management is available in the "Owner group" section from the main menu.


The owner object contains Secure Access objects and filter all views and menus with thus selection.



All objects within Secure Access have one owner that can display and manage the objects delegated to the owner.

Each object can display or manage only the objects with the same owner as the given object.

All objects in Secure Access have no default owner; that means OwnerID is set to Null in the AR_Object table and to 0 in the object model.

A user with the Secure Access Administrator or Secure Access Owner Manager role can manage owners on the Owners tab, or it can delegate an owner to objects selected in properties of each Secure Access object according to permission matrix settings.

A user can manage objects owned by the AROwner object based on membership within Secure Access roles and permissions assigned to the user.

Ownership of every newly created object is determined by the owner that created the object.

Only the Secure Access Administrator and Secure Access Owner Manager roles can delegate ownership to another object of the AROwner type.

You can assign objects of ARUser, ARGroup, AROrgUnit and AROwner types as members to any object of the Owner type.


Owner menu:

Owner menu