PortSight Secure Access Documentation

Password Section


This section allows you to set user's password in the Secure Access database and its validity.

Setting a new password
  • New password - enter new password here. It must reflect the password policy settings of the Secure Access catalog.

  • Confirm password - retype password here.

  • Password Encryption - here you can set the encryption format of the password. It is set to the default encryption format in the Secure Access catalog settings by default.

  • Send Password - check this box if you want to send the new password to the user. Please note that you need to set correct values of the catalog properties "SMTP server address" and "Administrator's e-mail address"

Password settings
  • Password Expires - date and time when the password expires. After this moment the user is not allowed to log on. The user can change the expired password if it's allowed in the Secure Access catalog settings.