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Adding a Picture to a Report



After you open the report you want to modify in Design view, click in the section in which you want to insert a picture.


Open the Insert menu and choose Picture.


In addition to data, labels, and drawn objects, you can also include a picture in your report. For example, you might include your company logo, an illustration, or a figure. You most often add a picture to one of the headers, but you can also insert pictures in other sections of the report.



The Insert Picture dialog box opens. Using the Look in drop-down list or the Places bar, locate and open the folder that contains the picture file you want to add to your report.


Click the picture you want to insert to select it.


Click OK.


The picture is inserted. (You may need to move or resize the picture.)


Moving, Resizing, and Deleting

You move or delete pictures just like you do any other report object. First select it and then drag to move it or press the Delete key to delete it.

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