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Praise for Designing Effective Database Systems

"Designing a database is not a trivial subject. Riordan brings experience and clear explanations to a fundamental part of software development."

Patrick Birch, database and technical writing consultant

"A book that will expertly guide you in how to develop a database for a clientand how to do it right the first time!"

Kenneth D. Snell, Ph.D., ACCESS developer and Microsoft Access MVP

"Riordan has produced a unique book that brings together a formal, yet commonsense, approach to relational database design. And then goes further! Many database designers will find immense value in the steps to developing practical data warehouse designs. If you are seeking a framework for designing transactional databases, or want to step out into the world of analytical databases, Riordan's book excels at bridging both worlds."

Paul Irvine, vice president, engineering, Via Training

"If you buy only one book on database design, make it this one. Riordan has a talent for explaining technical issues in simple language, without over simplifying."

Brendan Reynolds, developer, Dataset IT Systems, and Microsoft Access MVP

"Riordan takes a complex subject and makes it easy. If you're over your head on a database design project, this book will help bail you out!"

Mike Gunderloy, contributing editor, Application Development Trends

"This book covers a wide range of database design and data modeling topics in a well-organized, easy to understand format."

Amy Sticksel, Sticksel Data Systems, Inc.

"In Designing Effective Database Systems, Riordan's style, wit, and attention to detail are outstanding."

Sandra Daigle, Microsoft Access MVP

"More than just a book on database theory, Riordan gives us a practical guide to developing a database application from negotiation to completion."

Dirk Goldgar, president, DataGnostics, and Microsoft Access MVP

"Riordan covers core skills for any developerdatabase design and developmentin a perfect amount of detail, including fundamentals such as normalization but also teaches you how to architect your system to allow for reporting and future expansion. This book should be on every professional developer's reading list."

Duncan Mackenzie, developer, Microsoft (MSDN)

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