Add and Manage Diagrams

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public Object


''An example of how to create a diagram and add an element to it.

''Note the optional use of element rectangle setting using

''left,right,top and bottom dimensions in AddNew call.


Sub DiagramLifeCycle


   Dim diagram as object

   Dim v as object

   Dim o as object

   Dim package as object


   Dim idx as Integer

   Dim idx2 as integer


   package = m_Repository.GetPackageByID(5)


   diagram = package.Diagrams.AddNew("Logical Diagram","Logical")

   If not diagram.Update Then


   End if


   diagram.Notes = "Hello there this is a test"



   o = package.Elements.AddNew("ReferenceType","Class")



   '' add element to diagram - supply optional rectangle co-ordinates


   v = diagram.DiagramObjects.AddNew("l=200;r=400;t=200;b=600;","")

   v.ElementID = o.ElementID






End Sub