Add a Note to a Link

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You can link notes and constraints to graphical relationships. Notes let you provide explanation and further detail for one or more connectors on a diagram, with a visible note element, as in the example below.


Constraints let you specify a logical or informal constraint against a set of links; for example the {XOR} constraint in the image above indicates that only one of the links in the specified set can be true at any one time (exclusivity).

Attach a Note or Constraint to a Link

To attach a note or constraint to one or more links, follow the steps below:

1.Right-click on one of the links to attach a note to. The context menu displays.
2.Select the Attach Note or Constraint menu option. The Link Relations dialog displays.
3.Check all the links that participate in the set. In the example below, two links have been checked to participate in a logical constraint.
4.Click on the OK button to complete the note or constraint creation.
5.You can then use the normal Note dialog to enter the appropriate text for the note or constraint.

Note: The constraint note is drawn slightly differently to a regular note, and has { and } automatically added to visually indicate the constraint form.