Diagram Properties Dialog - Connectors Tab

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The Connectors tab of the diagram Properties dialog enables you to define the appearance of the connectors on the diagram.




Show Relationships

Show relationships in the current diagram.

Show Collaboration Numbers

Show numbering in Communication diagrams.

Show Non-Navigable Ends

If  an association end is not navigable then a cross is presented at the association connector.

Show Connector Property String

Show the property string for connectors.

Suppress All Connector Labels

Hide all connector labels.

Connector Notation

Select one of the following three options:

·UML 2.1 - use the standard UML 2.1 notation for connectors.
·Information Engineering - use the Information Engineering (IE) connection style; for more information see the http://www.agiledata.org/essays/dataModeling101 page.
·IDEFX1 - use the Integrated Definition Methods  IDEFX1 connection style; for more information see the http://www.idef.com/IDEF1X.html page.