Baselines and Differences

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Enterprise Architect (Corporate edition) provides a facility to 'Baseline' (snapshot) a model branch at a particular point in time. Baselines are in XMI format and are stored within the model in compressed format. More than one baseline can be stored against a single Enterprise Architect package. Using Baselines, a snapshot can be taken of a model branch at a particular point in development for later comparison to the current package state.

Compare (Diff)

Note: This utility is available in the Professional and Corporate editions only.

The Compare (Diff) Utility enables you to explore what has changed within a model over time and how previous versions of a model branch differ from the current model. This utility enables you to compare a model branch in Enterprise Architect with a Baseline created using the Baseline functionality, a file on disk created previously using the Enterprise Architect XMI export facility, or the current version-controlled XMI file on disk as created when using Version Control in Enterprise Architect.

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