Build Commands

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The Build tab enables you to enter a command for building the current package. This command is executed when you select the Project | Build and Run | Build menu option.

Write your script in the large text box using the standard Windows Command Line commands. You can specify, for example, compiler and linker options, and the names of output files. The format and content of this section depends on the actual compiler, make system, linker and so on that you use to build your project. You can also wrap up all these commands into a convenient batch file and call that here instead.

If you select the Capture Output checkbox, output from the script is logged in Enterprise Architect's Output window. This can be activated by selecting the View | Output menu option.

The Output Parser: field enables you to define a method for automatically parsing the compiler output. If you have selected the Capture Output checkbox, Enterprise Architect parses the output of the compiler so that by clicking on an error message in the Output window, you directly access the corresponding line of code.


Note: The command listed in this field is executed as if from the command prompt.  Therefore, if the executable path or any arguments contain spaces, they must be surrounded  by quotes.

When you run the compile command inside Enterprise Architect, output from the compiler is piped back to the Output window and displayed as illustrated below:


If you double-click on an error line, Enterprise Architect loads the appropriate source file and positions the cursor on the line where the error has been reported.