Composite Elements

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Enterprise Architect supports Composite elements for Classes, Objects, Use Cases and such. A Composite element is a pointer to a child diagram.

Create a Composite Element

To set Composite elements from the element context menu, follow the steps below:

1.Create the element to set as a Composite element.
2.Right-click on the element in the diagram and select the Advanced | Composite Element context menu option.

Note: If the Composite Element option is not listed in the context menu, the option is not available for the type of element you have selected.

The element displays as follows:

Note the small icon in the bottom right hand corner indicating that this is now a Composite element.

3.Double-click on the Composite element to access the child diagram that it points to.

The Composite element and its child diagram are represented in the Project Browser window as follows:


Note that ClassX, ClassY and ClassZ are elements in the child diagram.

Alternative Notation

Composite elements might show their contents instead of their usual notation. To enable this notation, right-click on the element to open the context menu, then select the Advanced | Show Composite Diagrams Contents option.

The Automation Interface

Automation support is available for Composite elements. Element has an Elements collection and a Diagrams collection.