Create Add-Ins

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Before you start you must have an application development tool that is capable of creating ActiveX COM objects supporting the IDispatch interface, such as:

·Borland Delphi
·Microsoft Visual Basic
·Microsoft Visual Studio .Net

Create an Add-In

An Enterprise Architect Add-In can be created in four steps:

1.Use a development tool to create an ActiveX COM DLL project.  Visual Basic users, for example, choose File-Create New Project-ActiveX DLL.
2.Connect to the interface using the syntax appropriate to the language as detailed in the Connecting to the Interface topic.
3.Create a COM class and implement each of the general Add-In Events applicable to your Add-In.  You only have to define methods for events to respond to.
4.Add a registry key identifying your Add-In to Enterprise Architect, as described in Deploying Add-Ins.

See Also

·Examples of Automation Interfaces (this web page provides examples of code used to create Add-Ins for EA)