Create a new Repository Sub-tree

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If a repository sub-tree has already been created for your Enterprise Architect model, skip this topic and see Create a Local Working Copy.  If your Enterprise Architect model has not previously been added to version control, create a sub-tree for it in your SVN repository by following the steps below:

1.Create a temporary directory structure to import into the SVN repository, which initializes the repository sub-tree for this Enterprise Architect model. The directory structure should look like this:












2.Open a command prompt, navigate to tempDir and issue the command:

   svn import . <repositoryURL> --message "A Comment of your choice"

Note: After the import is finished, the original tree is not converted into a working copy. To start working, you must still svn checkout a fresh working copy of  the tree.

3.Delete the directory tempDir and all its contents.

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