Project Data Transfer

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The Corporate edition of Enterprise Architect supports SQL ServerMySQLand Oracle 9i and 10g data repositories. At some point, it might become necessary to move a complete model from one repository to another, row by row, table by table.

The project data transfer function enables you to perform the following tasks:

·Upload an existing EAP file to SQL Server or MySQL
·Download a repository in MySQL or SQL Server to an EAP file
·Move a repository from SQL Server to MySQL or from one server to another
·Move all records from an EAP file with replication to a model with none (Remove Replication)
·Copy all records from an EAP file to another (recommended after serious network crash or repeated database corruption)
·Copy all records from a JET 3.5 to JET 4 (Access 2000 or XP) - or back the other way.

See the Perform a Project Data Transfer topic for instructions.

Note: You cannot move a model from a source .EAP file of a version earlier than 3.5.0.

Warning: All records in the target repository are overwritten.