Define a Stereotype as a Metatype

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The _metatype attribute is applied to a stereotype element. This is used where users want to hide the identity of an element as a stereotyped UML element. It is also a method of getting custom types to appear in contexts where only Enterprise Architect's inbuilt types would normally appear; for example in the lists of element types in the Relationship Matrix.

In the following example from SysML, block is defined as a stereotype that extends a UML Class.


However, a SysML user isn't interested in UML Classes, only in SysML Blocks. An element created from a stereotype defined this way, while behaving like a stereotyped Class in most contexts:

·Shows Block Properties rather than Class Properties as the title of its Properties dialog
·Is auto-numbered as Block1 not Class1 on creation, and
·Appears as Block not Class in many other contexts throughout Enterprise Architect.