Replace or Delete Linked Documents

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If a linked document is out of date, you can either edit the text or replace the entire contents from another file. To replace the contents:

1.Click in the body of the document and press [Ctrl]+[A] to select all the document text.
2.Press [Delete].
3.Right-click and select the File | Import menu option. The Windows Open dialog displays, in which you can browse for the file to import into the document.
4.Click on the Save icon in the Linked Document screen toolbar.

Alternatively, you can delete the linked document. To do this:

1.Click on an element in the Project Browser or diagram, and either:
·select the Element | Delete Linked Document menu option or
·right-click and select the Delete Linked Document option from the context menu.
2.Enterprise Architect prompts you to confirm the deletion; click on the Yes button.

If required, you can now create another linked document for the element.