Enterprise Architect Features

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Enterprise Architect is available in three editions: Corporate, Professional and Desktop, each of which offers a different range of features. For a comparison of the  Enterprise Architect editions, see the Differences Between Corporate, Professional and Desktop Editions topic.

Key Features of Enterprise Architect

·Comprehensive UML 2.1-based modeling
·Built-in Requirements Management
·An integrated Debug Workbench for profiling executable Java and .Net applications, instantiating run-time model objects and recording Sequence diagrams from a stack trace
·Extensive project management support, including resources, metrics and testing
·Testing support: test cases, JUnit and NUnit support
·Flexible documentation options: industry standard HTML and RTF report writers
·Support for many code engineering languages ?/span>out of the box?/span>
·Extendable modeling environment that can host user-defined profiles and technologies
·Speed: Enterprise Architect is a spectacularly fast performer
·Scalability: Enterprise Architect can handle small models and single users, and extremely large models and many concurrent users with equal ease
·Price: Enterprise Architect is priced to outfit the entire team, making collaboration and team development a real possibility.

What can I do with Enterprise Architect?