Edit Parameter Kind

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You can edit operation parameter kinds such as [in], [inout] and [out] directly from a diagram element by element, using the Element Keywords and Classifiers menu. This enables you to rapidly assign the parameter directly from a diagram. To use this feature follow the steps below:

1.In Enterprise Architect, open the diagram containing the element.
2.Click on the element, and on the operation to edit within the element. The item line is highlighted in a lighter shade (the default is white), to indicate that it has been selected.
3.Right-click on the item. The context menu displays.
4.Select the Edit Selected menu option (or press [F2]) to enable you to edit the item directly from the diagram. The name of the item is highlighted.
5.Right-click on the item name to display the context menu.
6.Select the appropriate menu option for the parameter kind value: [in], [inout] and [out]. The diagram is updated to reflect the change.