Header, Footers and Bookmarks

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The page header/footer functionality is available in Page Mode only.



Show Page Header/Footer

Normally, the editor does not show the header and footer for a page. Select this option in the View menu to display the page header and footer.

This option does not enable you to edit the content of the header/footer. Every section in a document can have its own page header and footer. If a section does not have a page header/footer of its own, this option shows the header/footer from the preceding section.

Edit Page Header/Footer

Enables editing of the text for the page header and footer. This option is available from the Edit menu.

Insert Footnote

Inserts a footnote at the current cursor location. The footnote text is displayed at the bottom of the page.

Edit Footnote Text

This option displays the footnote text in-line with the regular text. It enables you to edit the footnote text. The modified footnote is displayed at the bottom of the page.

Insert Bookmark

This dialog is activated from the Insert menu. It enables you to place a bookmark (new or existing) at the current text location. You can also position the cursor at a specified bookmark, and delete existing bookmarks.