Create an HTML Report

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To create an HTML report:

1.In the Project Browser window, right-click on the root package for the report (all child packages are included in the output). The context menu displays.
2.Select the Documentation | HTML Report menu option. The Generate HTML Report dialog displays.
3.In the Output to field, select an output directory for your report. Set any other required options.
4.Click on the Generate button to generate the report. The Progress field shows total percentage complete.
5.Once the report is complete, click on the View button to launch your default HTML viewer and view the web pages.

The web report produced is compatible with any standard web server, either on Unix or Windows platform. Simply bundle up the entire output directory and place it within the context of your web server. All path names should be relative and case sensitive.

Quick Start

To generate an HTML report right now, follow the steps above on the System Model package of the EAExample project.

Note: If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or later, and you do not have it open, its security profile might block the report display. Click on the explanation banner at the top of the screen and select the Allow Blocked Content context menu option.