Icons and Logos for Technology

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It is possible to define an icon and a logo for a technology. The icon is a 16x16 bitmap image that is shown in the list of technologies on the left of the MDG Technologies dialog. The logo is a 32x32 bitmap image that is shown in the display pane on the top-right corner of the MDG Technologies dialog.

To specify an icon and a logo, add icon and logo attributes in the <Technology> node of the MTS file. Then use the MDG Technology Wizard to rebuild the technology file, and finally re-deploy the technology file and re-start Enterprise Architect as described in Working with MTS Files.

Below is an example of a <Technology> node showing the use of the icon and logo attributes:

       <Technology id="AUTOSAR"



           notes="Support for modeling using the AUTOSAR standard."


           alias="MDG Technology for AUTOSAR"