Intermediary Language

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All transformations in Enterprise Architect work by generating a text form of the model to generate.

Any element is represented in this language by the type of element (eg. Class, Action, Method, Generalization or Tag) followed by the properties of the element and the elements that it is made from.  The grammar for this resembles the following.


       elementName { (elementProperty | element)* }





       propertyName = " propertyValueSymbol* "



       name = " propertyValueSymbol* " ( . " propertyValueSymbol* " )*


       stereotype = " propertyValueSymbol* " ( , " propertyValueSymbol* " )*





       Any character except " (U+0022), \ (U+005C)


·elementName is any one of the set of element types as described in Objects and Connectors
·propertyName is any one of the set of properties as described in Objects and Connectors.

Literal strings can be included in property values by escaping a quote character. For example.

default = "\"Some string value.\""