Local Paths Dialog

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The Local Paths dialog enables you to set up local paths for a single user on a particular machine. For a description of what Local Paths are used for, see Local paths. To open the Local Paths dialog, select the Settings | Local Paths option.


The Local Paths dialog enables you to define:

·Path - the local directory in the file system (eg. d:\java\source)
·ID - the shared ID that is substituted for the Local Path (eg. JAVA_SRC)
·Type - the language type (eg. Java).

And also to:

·Apply Path - Select a path and click on this button to update any existing paths in the model (with full path names) to the shared relative path name (so d:\java\source\main.java might become %JAVA_SRC%\main.java)
·Expand Path - The opposite of Apply Path. This enables you to remove a relative path and substitute the full path name.

Using the two above items you can update and change existing paths.